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Drawing: Saturday, February 7, 2015  @  5:00 P.M. at Rocque's 8-HI Club, Highway 8, Goodman WI
1st PRIZE:     Snow King .223 Rifle with 4-16 power Scope
2nd PRIZE:    Tristar Viper Silver o/u Shotgun 12 ga.
3rd PRIZE:     Husqvarna 445 Chainsaw
4th PRIZE:     $100.00
5th PRIZE:     $100.00
6th PRIZE:     $  50.00
7th PRIZE:      $ 50.00
Tickets cost $5.00 each, 3 for $10.00 or 7 for $20.00. Tickets are available from trail sponsors and members. If you'd like to get some tickets and won't be in the area, please email us at vintagepats@yahoo.com and we'll see about getting you some. Proceeds from our fundraisers go toward the maintenance of our trail system and our trail grooming equipment. Thank You in advance for your support!
Two Sheets Of Very Important Information Regarding The New Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration Program That Will Be Effective July 2015
(Information provided by the AWSC)

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs – AWSC

529Trail Side Dr., Suite 100 – DeForest, WI 53532

Phone: 800.232.4108 / 608.846.5530 – Fax: 608.846.5534

Web: www.awsc.org / Email: awsc@awsc.org

 PAGE 1 OF 2                                             Change is coming… The WI Snowmobile Trail Pass                                          

Effective July 1, 2015

The WI Snowmobile Trail Pass:

  • Effective July 1, 2015, snowmobile registration will cost $30/3 year from the current $30/2 year.
  • All snowmobiles operating in WI will now be required to display a WI Trail Pass (purchased separately from snowmobile registration).
  • Increases the non-resident trail pass fee from current $35/year to $50/year.
  • Includes a 4-year sunset clause which requires re-evaluation (2019) by the legislature prior to renewal of the WI Trail Pass program.
  • The annual (yearly) WI Trail Pass will be available to members who belong to both a snowmobile club and the Association of WI Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) for $10 through the AWSC office in DeForest, WI. for each of your WI registered snowmobiles. Snowmobile owners who don’t hold membership in these groups will pay $30 for the required WI Trail Pass through the DNR.
  • Your snowmobile club will be responsible for your AWSC membership which makes you eligible for the discounted WI Trail Pass.
  • The WI Trail Pass is brand new in 2015 and is a separate item from your snowmobile registration.
  • Non-residents may purchase a discounted trail pass if your snowmobile is registered in WI and you belong to a snowmobile club and the AWSC.
  • Revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and WI Trail Passes will be deposited into the state snowmobile segregated fund, which is used to pay snowmobile clubs to maintain and develop the trails. WI trails are made possible by snowmobile club volunteers who provide the labor to brush, sign and groom the trails and the landowners who allow trails to cross their property.
Note: Additional changes will allow resident owners of snowmobiles 35 years old and older to register them as antiques. For more details on finding a WI snowmobile club to join or further details on the WI Trail Pass, please visit the AWSC website at www.awsc.org. For more information on the Trail Pass and snowmobiling in WI, visit the WI DNR website at dnr.wi.gov and search “snowmobile” or call 1.888.936.7463 or contact your county AWSC Director or Rep. Their contact information is listed on the AWSC web site or can be found in the monthly "Wisconsin Snowmobile News" that is sent to all AWSC members.  

PAGE 2 OF 2                           What You Need to Know About the New WI Trail Pass under WI Act 142 (CAP – Club Assistance Program)

1. When does this new law go into effect? July 1, 2015. Act 142 requires each sled operating on trails to display a WI Trail Pass to be purchased annually. This is separate from the WI snowmobile registration. 2. What is the cost of the trail pass? Once Act 142 is implemented, if your membership dues with one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide are up to date and the club has paid your AWSC dues, the cost of the Trail Pass will be $10. If you are purchasing the new Trail Pass and are NOT an AWSC and snowmobile club member the cost will be $30 per snowmobile. 3. Do I have to join a club? No – It will be your choice to join one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide. Please remember that without the clubs and volunteers there would be NO TRAILS! It is the club volunteers that provide and maintain the WI Snowmobile Trail System. 4. Where do the funds from the trail pass go? The revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and Trail Passes will go into the state snowmobile program’s segregated fund. 5. How do I obtain my trail pass? Those details and processes have yet to be determined by the State along with the AWSC. 6. Do I still have to register my snowmobile with the State of WI? Yes - However the registration fee structure will change to a $30/3 year registration. Currently it is $30/2 years. 7. Is the Out of State (Non-Resident) trail pass going to increase in cost? Yes - It will increase to $50 from $35 (current). 8. My snowmobile is 30 years (or older.) Do I still need a trail pass? The new law provides a free annual (yearly) Trail Pass sticker to be displayed on sleds 30 years and older. However, snowmobiles still need to be registered. Note: Change in registration fee $30/3 year registration. 9. If I don’t live in WI can I still register my snowmobile(s) in WI? Yes – If you reside in another State you can still register your snowmobiles in WI. If you chose to belong to one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide and are up to date with membership dues and the club has paid your AWSC dues, the cost of the Trail Pass will be $10. If you do not belong to a club in WI your trail pass will cost $30. Otherwise you will have to purchase the Out of State trail pass for $50 if your snowmobile is registered in another state.        

Trail Pictures Taken 1-14-11

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 11:56

Follow the link to pictures showing Dun-Good’s current trail conditions. Looks very good and it’s getting better! Plan to ride soon! Thanks to Diana Schultz for the pictures! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dun-Good-Riders-Inc

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Internet ATV Course


MADISON – Operators of all terrain vehicles (ATV) now have a convenient online method to receive ATV Safety Certification through an Internet Web page introduced by the state Department of Natural Resources.   “This should prove very beneficial to young adult operators and out-of-state operators who need ATV Safety Certification,” said Gary Eddy, DNR all-terrain …

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Purchasing Non-Resident ATV Pass

Updated May 23, 2013

Wisconsin law requires that those who wish to use Wisconsin ATV trails display either a valid Wisconsin registration or an ATV Trail Pass. In addition to the DNR Service Center on Ogden Road in Peshtigo, the $35 Non-Resident Trail Pass may be purchased at more than 725 businesses. A complete listing …

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UTV (Side By Side) Bill Passed

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